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How customisable are my risk assessments?

We aim to make every feature of RISKGRID's risk assessments customisable to your own requirements. This ranges from setting up your own risk matrix (including defining levels of risk and controls, all descriptions, and colour codes), through to defining how you label axes on your risk mapping and on the actual grid of data itself.

What types of risk assessments can I carry out on RISKGRID?
How easy is it to send risk assessments to a colleague or client?
Will my audit department like RISKGRID?
I already manage my risk assessment in a spreadsheet. Why use RISKGRID?
What RISKGRID package should I get?
I have specific sensitivity around my data. How can you handle this?
We don't like labelling our risk in red. Can we change this?
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    Contact our team if you have more questions

    Contact our team if you have more questions

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