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valueReducing risk

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For years, risk assessment processes have been static, fragmented and inconsistent. A manual burden, frameworks have been reactive, backward-looking and periodic, with no link between logged incidences and the risk assessment, and no correlation to any remediation plans...

Until now
Increase operational consistency
Increase operational consistency

Standardise risk assessment methodologies across the entire business.

Maximise business efficiency
Maximise business efficiency

Save time and money creating your own risk frameworks, while reducing compliance costs.

Gain organisational transparency
Gain organisational transparency

Demonstrate solid risk management practices to stakeholders and regulators.


Mitigating tomorrow's risk today

A comprehensive, aggregated, and near real-time view of your business risk in a single-pane.

Cloud-based SaaS solution

Our online portal gives immediate and easy access with one-time setup for multi-department use, driving greater cross-company collaboration, stronger regulatory relationships, and operational consistency.

Golden source of risk

Our interactive and centralised single-pane view of risk empowers proactive event-driven risk management, and the application of consistent methodology across the enterprise, creating a single version of truth.

Integrated incident logging and remediation planning

RISKGRID's in-built automation and workflow capabilities enable you to log incidents that link directly to your risk assessments and connect associated remediation plans, proactively reducing your residual risk.

Tamperproof audit trail

RISKGRID is built with a full system keystroke audit trail, tracking all adds, moves and changes to provide a complete set of records. Macro to micro data views enable tailored analysis, driving historical traceability and ongoing accountability.

Timelined reporting

Our integrated reporting enables you to extract actionable insights from your risk data and establish risk trends over time, creating immediate intrinsic business value, giving you greater control and agility and fundamentally reducing your risk footprint.

Predefined templates

RISKGRID comes with predefined and scalable templates that are fully customisable, to expedite the onboarding process and free up valuable manual resource, so you can concentrate on your core business priorities.


Redefining your approach to risk

We believe that digitisation is the key to risk reduction, but there's a much wider positive impact to digitally transforming your risk management too.

The spreadsheet way

  • Fragmented and disparate views of risk
  • Siloed records of data
  • Static and reactive
  • Periodic cadence of use
  • A drain on manual resource
  • No collaboration capabilities
  • Siloed and inconsistent methodology
  • No 'remediation plan-to-assessment' correlation
  • Difficult to extract insights from data
  • Backward looking
  • Not designed to scale


  • Single-pane view of business risk
  • Golden source of truth
  • Interactive and proactive
  • Enables event-driven cadence
  • Frees up manual resource
  • Enables company-wide collaboration
  • Standardised methodology across departments
  • Links remediation plans to risk assessments
  • Actionable business insights
  • Forecast trends over time
  • Fully scalable

Get a handle on your riskIt's time to

digitise your risk management