Use case: InfoTech risk

Managing Information Technology risk

Risk management in the Information Technology domain helps to ensure that the technology, systems, and information in your organisation are protected, and supports a secure efficient business. Effective risk management can also be a regulatory requirement.

IT risks can occur across many areas including operational, reputational, legal, and financial risks. Efficiently identifying and managing risks is an important part of operating services in an IT Service Management (ITSM) environment.

ITSM best practice states that service delivery organisations should use a framework, such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). There is a need to consider the risks, criticality and controls of the technology, systems, services, and information that the organisation uses and relies on, to achieve its organisational goals and priorities.

As technology and the business environment changes, it is essential to continually capture threats and opportunities across the organisation, and that Risk Management is treated as an iterative improvement process.

RISKGRID enables organisations to efficiently collate, prioritise and manage their risks. The RISKGRID provides a clear view of the IT Services consumed across the organisation providing a gap analysis and heatmap of IT Service risk management coverage. Utilising the ITIL framework RISKGRID provides a collaborative and efficient way to quickly collate, map, identify and prioritise the IT risks associated with each business service.

RISKGRID transforms the process of risk assessments with the Risk Mapping engine. It provides forward-looking analysis and dashboarding to forecast and track risk remediation.

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