So what's behind the name?


We have felt
the pain of risk

RISKGRID came from a very personal need to make risk assessments fundamentally useful and relevant.

Our roots are in Financial Services, as well as in Business, Infrastructure, and Operational Transformation. We have fulfilled roles as Heads of Trading, Chief Compliance Officers, and both Operational and Risk Management Consultants.

Simply put, we have witnessed the burden and inefficiencies of Risk Management first-hand.

Our Vision
Our Vision

To redefine how organisations operationally and culturally approach risk assessments, through the standardising, digitising and automating of the core risk reporting and review process.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To deliver an industry de facto SaaS platform that makes risk assessments widely accessible, useful, consistent, and secure.

Our Innovation
Our Innovation

To empower comprehensive risk mitigation and wider business transformation, through the generation of, and immediate access to, actionable intelligence from risk assessment data.


Our Values

We believe we can change the way businesses approach, manage, respond to, and prevent risk. For the better.

Build what we believe in
Simplify, don't complicate
Create solutions, not products
Make a positive difference
Be better together
Walk a mile in our clients' shoes
Push for excellence

What our team says

“A firm's ability to succeed doesn't just hinge on it's exposure to risk; it hinges on how it monitors and proactively responds to that risk. We are dedicated to helping firms succeed!"

Steven Marshall, Co-Founder & CEO

"The need for digital transformation now extends to all areas of business operations. But risk management has arguably needed transforming more than most, so it's vital that we drive that transformational change."

Colin Woodford, Co-Founder & CIO

"As regulatory controls increase in the financial sector, risk assessment strategies must move away from historically inefficient and resource-draining spreadsheet mapping. It's time to stop being reactive and start being proactive!"

Steven Nash, Co-Founder & MD

"Cyber security risk is no longer a worry of the future; it's here in full force and is only set to increase! That's why it's so important to give firms the ability to not only monitor current risk but forecast tomorrow's risk, today.

Keith Vallance, Cyber Security Advisor

"If businesses are going to survive in today's risk landscape, they need software platforms that are built to withstand today's demands. Our mission is to not only help firms survive, but thrive!"

Jamie Baldwin, Lead Developer


Transforming the way you manage risk

Want to know what a proactive view of organisational risk looks like in a single-pane? Take a look at our guided tour and start your journey towards streamlining your business risk management and risk assessments.

We’re here to help you digitally transform your risk