Summer 2023 Special Offer

FREE Risk Assessment Conversion to RISKGRID


Steven Marshall, CEO





What’s the offer?

We’ve already made it easy for you to try out all of the functionality of RISKGRID with our free one-month sign-up for new users, but we also know how valuable time is for everyone. As an additional free offer for our new sign-ups until the end of September 2023 we will convert an existing risk assessment and risk matrix that you’re using into a risk assessment on RISKGRID entirely for free. All you need to do us send us your existing assessment in spreadsheet, csv, or text format and we will do the rest so that when you login you can immediately get to work. If you’re using another system then please get in touch and we’ll work out how best to move it over. Spend your first free month in RISKGRID more effectively and see how well our solution stands up against your existing spreadsheet or ad-hoc solution. We have full audit tracking, graphical dashboards, historical logging and future risk projections. We’re a genuinely easy to use multi-user SaaS solution to help you de-risk your risk assessment process. Our aim is to make risk assessments easy to build and maintain, no matter what the size of your firm or requirements. After the trial period comes to an end we have subscription for all budgets from as little as £10 per month.

What if I don’t have an existing risk assessment?

If you’re just starting out on your journey and don’t have a risk assessment set up yet, then don’t worry. We have a number of templates available for immediate use which cover health & safety, technology, cybersecurity and financial services risks. If you don’t see something which fits your need, then reach out to us and we’ll look at building a template to help you get started. You still get a free one-month sign-up with full professional access, and schemes running from £10 per month after the trial period runs out.

How to claim your free conversion?

To take advantage of this offer, please set up an account from the sign up link below, and use the “Contact Us” feature in the portal. If you would like to get in touch to further discuss your requirements prior to sign-up then please email us at [email protected]. Alternatively you can sign-up with your existing Microsoft login at Microsoft AppSource or take a test drive of all our functionality completely for free.

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